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Today in Beatles History January 9 1964 'Beatles Christmas Show', at the Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' slowly climbs up the US charts. John declares that the slow ascention of 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' in the US charts was ''mere sympathy for British people'', and that he didn't expect being a hit in the US. 1965 'Beatles For Sale' number 1, 4th week (UK Record Retailer chart).
'I Feel Fine' number 1, 3rd and last week (Billboard). 'Another Beatles Christmas Show' at the Hammersmith Odeon, London (two performances). John appears on BBC-TV's 'Not Only... But Also', reading one of his poems. 'Daily Express' publishes a photograph of the Beatles at the Boat Show, at the Earl's Court Exhibition Building. 1966 Brian flies from New York to Bahamas.
Brian flies from Bahamas to the Virgin Islands, on vacation. [?] 1967 Studio 2. -. Recording: 'Penny Lane' (overdub onto take 9). Mono mixing: 'Penny Lane' (remixes 5, 6, from take 9). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.
Recording of flutes, trumpets, piccolos and flugelhorn for 'Penny Lane'. 1968 EMI Recording Studio, Bombay, India. -., approx. George session. John appears on the from page of the US magazine 'Look'. 'Look' publishes pictures taken on the 11 August 1967 photographic session with Richard Avedon at Thomson House. 1st publishing of photos from this session. 1969 End of exhibition 'Guildford Minus 40' at the Royal Institute Galleries, London. 1970 UK LP release: 'The Magic Christian'.
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There's no denying that the Beatles changed the music industry profoundly. From the way album covers appeared, to writing their own songs, to innovative recording techniques, the Beatles led the way to change what rock bands could do.

The Beatles - The History Of The BeatlesThe Beatles - The History Of The BeatlesThe Beatles - The History Of The BeatlesThe Beatles - The History Of The Beatles