Fountainhead - don't blow me up

The libertarian ideal of as much economic and personal freedom as possible, consistent with the equal liberty of others, is part of the bedrock on which the USA was founded.

For those who enjoy Rand’s books, this hysterical individualism has a kind of narcissistic swagger. But what happens when you can actually see the living people it supposedly describes? Well, then it falls completely apart. (That’s the thing about Randianism: It goes belly-up the moment it bumps into the real world.) Roark, Rand writes rather breathlessly, is all clean lines and planes, harder even than a granite cliff. Van Hove even introduces the show with this page of pseudo-erotica; he clearly finds this part of Rand compelling. But the more you inflate your rhetoric, the easier it is to pop. When, for instance, Nasr does wander onstage naked — guys, it’s not all lines and planes. He clenches his jaw tight and looks as grim as he can, but human beings have flesh. Human beings bobble.

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Fountainhead - Don't Blow me UpFountainhead - Don't Blow me UpFountainhead - Don't Blow me UpFountainhead - Don't Blow me Up